I typically set a few goals for myself at the start of each month. I’ve always done this in a private manner, but this month I’m going to experiment with public documentation for further accountability. This post will outline my goals and I’ll publish my results when I set my September goals.

September Goals:

  1. Stick to my bed hours
  2. Create and begin the curriculum for a self-taught MBA
  3. Maintain fitness during travel

Bed Hours:
I am terrible at going to bed. I do not feel tired late at night, so I tend to stay up late. This skews my sleeping hours, so I’ll either get a late start or less sleep than I’d like. I’m not a morning person and I’m not going to fight that battle - the objective here is just to add some basic structure.


  1. In bed, lights off, and off phone by midnight
  2. Once I wake up, I get out of bed within 15 minutes

Self-taught MBA:
I brought up this idea when writing about grad school. I’m going to further explore this and see if it’s worth pursuing. I will stop if it feels like a waste of time.

Fitness During Travel:
I have a few work trips scheduled this month and I am nervous about slipping on some habits. Regular workouts add a lot of balance to my life - by acknowledging this hurdle, I hope I can prioritize this in my travel schedule.

August Goals:

If I like this experiment, I’ll stick to this format and publish the results of the previous month. Here were my August goals:

  1. Finish building blog website and start writing regularly - SUCCESS
  2. Get back on track with annual goal of hosting dinners at my house - SUCCESS