A few weeks into this blog, I am finding that there is no shortage of content to write about. I have a growing list of future posts - if a thought crosses my mind, I write it down to elaborate later.

Elaborating is more difficult, but it’s manageable. I can think through loose ideas to create a basis for an argument and supply some evidence.

My hardest challenge is writing in a focused, linear manner. As I draft a post, I find myself jumping between paragraphs, working on many thoughts at the same time. It’s as if I am thinking ahead of what I want to say, before finishing the current thought.

This makes writing even a simple post to be more time consuming than I’d like. My goal for this site is to practice writing and I’d like to see improvement in speed, efficiency, and eloquence.

My theory is that I need to force myself to write out a first draft end to end. Rather than editing and revising while drafting, I need to empty my mind and then worry about clarity.

I’m going to attempt using a tool produced by Squibler. If I stop writing, it clears all progress.