Every October, the US Navy hosts Fleet Week in the San Francisco Bay. The weeklong event showcases naval military power with ship parades and airshows. The annual highlight is the Blue Angels, which practice and perform all week.

I’m always shocked by how loud fighter jets are. You will hear them as they fly around, even if you are deep within an office building. The typical street noises of engines, sirens, and horns are nowhere near as loud as a jet flyover.

During this week, I always think about how lucky I am. We hear these jets but there is nothing to fear. No bombs will be going off. Our world stays intact. Nobody dies.

I can imagine how terrifying jets can be in areas at war. No warning, only noticed after they’re overhead. No time to react. It would horrifying.

Fleet Week is an annual reminder that I live in a time and place of peace. I am forever thankful that we can take these circumstances for granted.