Having an idea is like mining a diamond. When it is first discovered, it’s recognized as valuable - but it doesn’t look like a beautiful diamond. It’s rough and unpolished. It needs to be cut and shaped. Only once this is all complete will it reach its true potential.

Ideas and projects work the same way. They form from a single viewpoint and reflect that person’s assumptions. With some refinement, they can be far more valuable. Feedback is the tool to cut and polish an idea.

Asking for feedback doesn’t have to be complex. It doesn’t need a committee and it’s okay to disagree with the advice. It’s a forcing function to make your idea better.

Sometimes when I am working on something, I’m nervous to ask for feedback. I know it will be useful, but I subconsciously fear hearing differing opinions.

Different opinions are part of the process. Without them, my idea will still be that uncut diamond. A lot of Pixar’s success comes from its rigorous feedback process. I wrote this post to remind myself to always seek feedback.