Today is my birthday - I am now 28!

Today, I will not be reflecting on the past year. Since my birthday is in December, I blend it and New Year’s together to mark the transition of time. Today is really just another day. I went to work and it’s been normal.

December is a time when I think about my macro goals and direction. I intend for all thoughts and a new plan to be in place before the year ends. At New Year’s, I will celebrate the passing of time and start 2020 at full speed. During this month, I will be reflecting on both the past year, and because it’s 2019, the past decade.

My thought for today is about how birthdays are actually weird. It’s a day that only matters to you. There’s no relevance to anyone else - but there’s a large variance in how people think it should be treated.

Outside of close friends and family, it’s strange to expect people to know that it’s your birthday. More amusing is seeing how these people react once they hear that it is your birthday. Some will recognize it and move on, while others will apologize for not knowing it was your birthday. They act as if they should have somehow known! I don’t expect all people to know this fact, because this data is semi-public at best.

How much should you advertise your birthday to others?

This is not to discredit the thoughtfulness of people who take the effort to reach out. It’s very touching and I really appreciate that. Besides, a birthday is a free pass to get back in touch with someone. Even if you’ve been out of touch for a long time, society says it’s not strange at all to talk today. I would love to hear from you if you’re ever on the fence.

So here’s to turning 28! It’s been a great year but I’m still wrapping it up. Celebrations are in order, but next year is going to be ambitious.