With few exceptions, I won’t have dessert unless there is chocolate in it. Chocolate is the perfect balance of bitter and sweet; I enjoy it.

I don’t remember when I started saying “Chocolate or GTFO”, but this saying has saved me from many moments of indecisiveness. If a restaurant hands me a dessert menu, I will quickly scan for chocolate and make a quick yes/no decision. I don’t bother reading the rest.

This is my opinion. It’s nice because it matches my preferences and I don’t have to think much. I’m sure some people will disagree with this opinion, but they’re welcome to make their own mental rules.

I like this concept: pre-thought opinions. You make faster decisions because you’ve already spent the thinking time. Every time you see the scenario, you save even more thinking time. I want to search for other aspects of my life where I could save on thinking power.