After any championship game, the players from the winning team will sound the exact same in interviews:

“This is a dream come true! This team had to fight through tough times and a lot of adversity, but I’m so proud of my teammates.”

These players deserve to celebrate. They’ve invested a significant amount of time and their work has finally paid off. They’ve also accomplished something that is statistically very hard: to win. For every winner, there are far more losers. For the team, this is a major milestone.

Being a fan - an observer - is a completely different story. The players and the coaching staff are winners. You are not. You had no impact on the outcome, yet many fans will line up by the thousands to celebrate as if they are also winners.

I don’t find enjoyment in celebrating other winners. I would rather win my own events. I don’t need people to cheer me on or celebrate with me. My goals, my adversity, my wins.

I would rather lose my own competition than be a vicarious winner.