Happy Thanksgiving!

As I think about this past year, there is a lot to be thankful for. I could list every big event and call out everything that I’m grateful for, but I’d rather not do that. Today I’d like to think about two rocks in my life that are so easy to take for granted.

My Health
I am a healthy person. I have no physical or mental disabilities. I also invest a lot of time towards the physical, intellectual, and emotional upkeep of my body. My body and my mind are how I exist in the world - and it is working great.

But a lot of it is luck. I have good genes. I am so lucky that I haven’t been in a horrific accident or exposed to a cancer-causing chemical. Tomorrow, something outside of my control could change my entire life. Maybe I won’t be able to work or be independent. It’s not pleasant to think about.

My health is my most valuable asset, and I am so thankful.

A core human need is the need to belong. It’s programmed into our DNA. My family is the most foundational group that I belong to, and it creates a big part of my identity. It is also a foundation for the other relationships I build.

While I have no intention of testing the strength of our relationships, I find comfort knowing I am supported no matter what. I could fail massively and I would still have my family.

Thank you, family - you are amazing ❤️