Earlier this year, I wrote out a list of principles I would adhere to. Periodically, I’ve been writing a post about each one. This is the last in the series.

As I’ve stated earlier, my principles are guidelines for how to exist in the world. They apply to my day-to-day existence and serve as my internal operating system.

My ideas and opinions come from my own experiences. Other people have different experiences, and thus may form different perspectives.

The world is a big place and its not about me. There are millions of people and only a few of them care what I think. Nothing says that my view is right and the other is wrong, or vice versa. It is foolish to think otherwise.

Seeing the point of view of others is both a reality check and a method of persuasion.

Reality Check Seeing other points of view allows me to better assess the impact of my own actions and opinions. Other perspectives will force me to consider viewpoints I’m unable to think about myself.

People want to be heard and feel understood. Through understanding their perspective, I can build trust. Trust allows me to have the influence of my own perspective.

Forcing myself to look at something from another point of view is not easy. Neither is it easy to ask for feedback. But the reward is more than worth the effort.