Today marks 30 consecutive days of writing.

I have wanted to write for years and made more than a few attempts. Each attempt ended with a few days of progress and then nothing. At the beginning of this month, I set my most ambitious writing goal: to write every single day. By all accounts, it looked like I was setting myself up for absolute failure.

This was hard, but I succeeded. Making it a daily requirement gave me no option to push it off to later. And once I had a streak going, I never wanted today to be the day I broke the streak.

Writing daily took a fair amount of effort. The two hardest parts were choosing a writing topic and staying focused while writing. I naturally want to pick something good to write about, so that added a slight mental burden. When a thought is hard to write out, I still tend to visit a different website or reach for my phone. It took effort to power through.

This raises the first question - despite the effort, is this worth it? The current answer is yes. If nothing else, I appreciate the effort as a time to organize my thoughts.

Looking back at my posts, I can see how a thought developed while I was writing. The process of writing forces me to logically think all the way through an argument. The output is great so far, but there’s room to make the process more efficient. Like anything, this is a skill that takes time to train; I’m planting a tree and it’s still only roots. For now, I intend to keep this up at the same cadence.

Now for the next question - what’s the next milestone? To me, the obvious answer is to start sharing some content. I see writing as mostly an inward exercise, but there will be some topics that other people should read. It would make a good monthly goal to try this.

One final thought is about what I write about. To date, it’s been somewhat random with ideas that cross my mind. Choosing topics to write a few posts on could be an interesting experiment.