Each month I set a few goals and publicly post them for increased accountability. I try to pick something new and many are experimental in nature.

December Goals:

For December, I want to have mostly the same goals. I’ve made a few modifications.

Write daily:
I want to keep the momentum going. It’s not enough of a habit yet, so I’m not sure how I’ll fare without the motivation of a goal. Will close out the year strong.

Share one post: As I discussed yesterday, this is my next big milestone. I am going to challenge myself to open up more and share with others. I feel a bit uncomfortable about this, so this a good goal to mix in this month.

Getting out of bed:
I failed last month, so going to try to hold myself to it this time around. To help, here are 2 new rules:

  1. Only weekdays count
  2. Going to bed after 12:30 is an automatic strike for the next day

November Goals:

Here’s how I did on my November goals:

  1. Write daily - SUCCESS
    Not easy, but very rewarding. See yesterday’s post for more thoughts.
  2. Getting out of bed - FAIL
    Did not do well at this. Was only successful on a few days.