I’m a big advocate for feedback. Reading Radical Candor really opened my eyes to the practice and the benefits. It’s not easy and I need reminders, but I now try to ask for it as much as possible. I’ve learned some invaluable lessons through it - some of which I may have never realized on my own.

On the flip side, I try to give feedback to others because I know how helpful it can be. Although I want to be direct and honest, it’s hard to show that your feedback is coming from the right place.

Today I was shown a simple framework that I liked enough to write down. I intend to try it and I’m going to record it here to help it stick in my mind.

Two Steps of Feedback:

  1. Build Confidence
  2. Build Skills

These are great guiding principles that go a lot further than the criticism sandwich. Each part is important instead of just sugar-coating a negative. And neither part has to be negative. There’s a clear purpose with each aspect, which hopefully can make feedback more tailored and authentic.