I am not a patient person. You would know this if you’ve ever been stuck in traffic with me.

There are many times when I appreciate having a low patience because things get done and life feels efficient. Overall, I prefer a low patience and believe it’s a good attribute for other people to have. But few things are true as absolutes, and I’ve recognized scenarios when this can be a real negative.

Most notable would be in any relationship. I equate my low patience with being talkative and sometimes interruptive in conversations. I am aware of this. It’s a skill I have to be conscious of and will always have to work on. Letting others express their ideas and feel understood is key to building strong emotional bonds. This is key to influencing others in both personal and professional relationships.

This post is a reminder to breathe. To take a deep breath and recognize that sparing a few moments have no cost to me and can make a big difference to others.